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We are located at 6469 Old Mount Helen Road, Allardt, TN, 38504, off of Highway 52, and just minutes from Jamestown or Rugby, TN.  

Note: GPS will try to drop you off at our neighbor’s house, please continue 1/3 mile further to "Park Road" and the “Big Fork Campground” the sign is on your left.

Note: If you are coming from I-75, do not attempt to go through the gorge on Highway 297 at the center of the park if you have a long rig. Instead take Highway 63, then turn left onto Highway 27. Your GPS will want you to take a right onto a variety of roads to the right….don’t do it. Continue on Highway 27 until you get to Highway 52, go right. Continue on 52 until you get to Sam Smith Road, turn right and follow your GPS.